Citizenship Workshops

Mujeres' Latina Leadership Program facilitates monthly citzenship workshops through the New Americans Initiative (NAI). If you are interested in helping eligible legal permanent residents to apply for their U.S. Citizenship, as well as learning new skills, come volunteer with us. For more information about NAI, click here

During the workshop we assist legal permanent residents that already qualify begin their citizenship process. Before anyone can start volunteering, they need to attend a free training on how to properly fill out the N-400 applications.Once volunteers attend the N-400 training, they work with Legal Permanent Residents at any of our workshops, which are usually held on a monthly basis on Saturday mornings from 8:45am to 1 PM or 2 PM. Information about the workshops is sent out a few weeks in advance, so everyone can plan accordingly. We provide volunteers with a light breakfast and lunch at the workshops.   


Bilingual Spanish and English

Ability to work on the weekends

We are now recruiting for new citizenship volunteers! Please watch this space for updated information coming soon. Please contact the staff person listed below with questions about this program. 

To sign up for the citizenship training or for more information, please call Irasema Soriano at 773-890-7593 or email