Domestic Violence

Mujeres’ Domestic Violence Program works to eliminate domestic violence and assists survivors to break the cycle of abuse in their families and in their lives. It provides comprehensive services to survivors and victims of domestic violence, from information and referrals to crisis intervention, legal advocacy, individual and group counseling to access to our 24 hour crisis hotline (312) 738-5358.

Mujeres provides domestic violence counseling in person at our main facilities in Pilsen and at our North Riverside location. Survivors receive emotional support, information about their rights and legal options, referrals to resources and assistance with creating a safety plan to keep themselves and children out of danger. Mujeres' Domestic Violence court advocates are available to inform survivors about their legal right to obtain an order of protection against their abusers. They help them understand the legal process and can also accompany them to court.

The Domestic Violence program offers group and individual counseling for survivors and their children to help them overcome the emotional and psychological effects of the abuse experienced or witnessed. Through counseling participants are provided with emotional support, aquire skills to increase self-esteem, deepen knowledge about domestic violence, and learn about resources available to them and their families.

Mujeres also provides free childcare for children 12 years or younger while participants are receiving services. CTA transportation cards are available for families with limited financial resources.

In addition to the support that Mujeres provides survivors of domestic violence, the organization educates the community on this issue. Mujeres engages in multiple community-base outreach efforts by providing education about domestic violence to groups including churches, schools, parents, teens, social service providers, law enforcement and medical personnel.

The Domestic Violence Program is supported in part by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, Chicago Department of Family and Support Services,  Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, Illinois Department of Human Services, and the U.S. Department of Justice's Office on Violence Against Women.

For volunteer opportunities with the Domestic Violence program, visit our volunteer page.

For more information about the Domestic Violence program, please contact Estela Melgoza at 773-890-7671 or