Latina Leadership

The Latina Leadership Program facilitates women’s self-empowerment and leadership development. The program helps women identify their strengths and build their self-esteem to create leaders who can effect positive change in the communities. The program consists of two training programs, the Mother-Daughter Program, an annual retreat and an Emerging Leader Award.

In Phase I of the program, women focus on self-discovery. Participants recognize their strengths, build their skills, assertiveness and self-esteem and explore leadership. Participants discuss cultural factors that may represent challenges to personal development. Women also learn how to balance their home responsibilities and their community involvement.

Women participating in Phase II of the program continue skill building and learning about social action and change. Participants learn about group dynamics, how to conduct meetings and lead group discussions and how to give and receive criticism. Participants also learn how to manage finances and develop a resume.

"The program consists of two training programs, an annual retreat and an Emerging Leader award."

The Mother-Daughter Program is based on the Phase I of the Latina Leadership curriculum, the program emphasizes building healthy relationships between mothers and teenage daughters (ages 12-17), and focuses open communication and negotiation, and discussions around sexuality.

Latina Leadership also organizes an annual retreat to reinforce and continue the work started in the two training programs. The retreat invites current and past program participants to focus on leadership and taking care of oneself.

Mujeres’ Latina Leadership Program works in an advocacy capacity in partnership with various organizations, including the Aids Foundation of Chicago, the Reproductive Health and Access Coalition. For several years the program has worked on the New Americans Initiative through ICIRR. The Latina Leadership Program also works in collaboration with the Instituto Del Progreso Latino in the Mujer Avanzando program that seeks to empower single heads of household.

Mujeres formally recognizes women in the Latina Leadership program with the Emerging Leadership Award. The award honors a program participant for her leadership development at a personal, professional, and community level.

The Latina Leadership Program provides several opportunities for volunteers and interns. Currently, we’re looking for support in our civic participation efforts: assisting legal permanent residents to fill out their citizenship applications, door knocking to encourage Latinos to get out to vote and assistance with marketing and communications for the program. 

For more information about the Latina Leadership Program or to learn more about volunteering, contact Ana Soto or Carina Delgado at (773) 890-7676.