Parent Support

The Parent Support program is for Spanish-speaking parents or guardians with at least one child between the ages of 0 to 17. Parents in this program will enhance their parenting skills and improve communication with their children. Parents, especially immigrants, will be welcomed into this community of support.

The Parent Support program is also for parents who are court or DCFS mandated to attend parent-training classes. Couples and single parents are welcome to participate.

Parenting classes are a 15-week commitment, with each class meeting for two hours. All classes are held in Spanish. The parent group will discuss topics such as parental responsibilities, child development, and physical, emotional and sexual abuse toward children.

After completing classes, parents can also participate in on-going counseling groups. Groups provide parents with an outlet for stress and are also a place to discuss decision-making and problem solving.

Parents in the program may also take advantage of short-term individual or family counseling.

Mujeres provides parents in the program with free childcare for children 12 years old or younger while the parents are in session. 

Project Sanctuary is part of Mujeres Latinas en Acción’s Parent Support Program. This component offers court ordered parenting time for non-custodial parents and their children. The program allows children to maintain a positive relationship with the non-custodial parent. Project Sanctuary staff work to ensure that the safety of the participants and the needs of the children are a priority.

Visits are free of charge and are offered in English and Spanish from Tuesday through Saturday for one hour per visit. The visits take place at: 

1823 W. 17th Street
Chicago IL 60608

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Mujeres Latinas en Acción also offers Safe Exchange which ensures a neutral and safe location for parents to pick up and drop off their children for unsupervised visits.

The Parent Support Program is part of the DCFS Family Advocacy Center, entity that provides support for parents and families. 

For more information, please contact Francine Cossyleon at

Interested in volunteering for our Parent Support Program? Visit our volunteer page for more information.