Proyecto Juventud

"Proyecto Juventud offers youth recreational activities,
helping to increase participants’ self-esteem."

Mujeres Latinas en Acción has a long history of serving youth in the Pilsen neighborhood. Proyecto Juventud (Project Youth) is an after school program during the academic year and offers a summer program for adolescent girls from ages 12-17. The program creates options for youth and assists them to make healthy decisions. Proyecto Juventud is a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program that helps to keep youth focused on their academic and personal development by offering them tools to succeed in school; and participants receive Comprehensive Sexual Health Education workshops with accurate information about self-esteem, body image, healthy relationships, menstrual cycle, making responsible decisions and other issues that affect teens. This program promotes the development of healthy relationships, open communication with peers, family, and school officials.

Proyecto Juventud offers youth a variety of structured activities during non-school hours to promote academic success, community involvement and leadership development. Participants in this program receive academic assistance and access to resources such as dictionaries, school supplies, computers, printers and the Internet for their schoolwork. In addition, the youth are exposed to educational fairs and to presentations related to higher education. Ocassionally, they are taken on fieldtrips to universities.

In addition to academic support, Project Youth also offers youth field trips, recreational activities, sports, artistic activities, and workshops that are held at neighborhood facilities to help increase participants’ self-esteem. Activities may include field trips to Chicago-area or outside of the Chicago area attractions and playing sports like swimming, and arts and crafts.

Proyecto Juventud participants also benefit from life building skills and are taught conflict resolution and develop their Leadership and Empowerment skills.

Currently, the program participants can access art therapy through an initiative by the Children's Research Triangle. Through this initiative, our teen girls learn about our rich culture and explore the visual and narrative work of Latina artists. The art of painting has allowed our teens to explore their inner selves, embrace their own creations, and build group support that will enable them to empower the community. 

An additional program in which our youth and their mothers can benefit from are the Mother-Daughter (girls ages 12-17)Groups provided by the Latina Leadership Program.

Program participants benefit from mentorship provided by the Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) members.

For more information about Proyecto Juventud, please contact Alma C. Vargas at 773-890-7691 or