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Chicago Immigration Working Group Releases Six Point Plan

Mujeres Latinas en Accion is proud to be a member of the Chicago Immigration Working Group which this week announced its six point Comprehensive Immigration Integration Plan. In response to Mayor Emanuel’s challenge to make Chicago “the most immigrant friendly city” in the country, community organizations working with immigrant groups across the city convened to rise to the challenge. The working group, made up of 14 community organizations and with the support of Aldermen Rosa, Munoz and Alderwoman Garza, has come together to put forth a plan to address issues of language access, legal representation, public safety and the affordability of relief programs The working group platform includes new proposals for the city to improve immigrant integration, services, and protection, as well as support for policies already being considered by the city.

The six point plan will:

  • Increase support for pro bono legal representation in Chicago’s immigration courts
  • Amend the “Welcoming City” Ordinance to apply to all residents and ensure consistency between municipal and county policy
  • Assure language access for city emergency services
  • Create a municipal ID available to all Chicago residents
  • Convene stakeholders to make deferred action relief programs accessible and affordable to city residents
  • Improve access to city services for immigrant survivors and victims of crimes and rights violations

Having introduced the results of extensive consultation with community representatives, the working group will now translate its recommendations into legislative language to be introduced in city council in the months to come.


For details of the plan, please visit: http://www.aldermancarlosrosa.org/cityplan

August 20, 2015 | 3:03 PM