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Proyecto Juventud at Allstate Insurance's We Day Celebration

Proyecto Juventud participant Nancy Macias has been selected to be Allstate Insurance's We Day Celebration’s Kid Correspondent.

We Day is an educational event that brings world-renowned leaders, speakers and performers together with tens of thousands of students and educators to learn about local and global issues and spark meaningful conversations.

Nancy is a Chicago sophomore and has been part of Proyecto Juventud since August 2014. An academically strong student, she deliberately makes the effort to supplement what she is learning is school with afterschool activities. From writing poetry to playing the guitar, Nancy gives 110% to all of her activities. When members of Proyecto Juventud were interviewed for Allstate’s #theysay campaign to combat stereotypes against youth, Nancy’s energy drew in the producers and they asked her to be the Kid Correspondent for We Day.

As Kid Correspondent, Nancy will support the #theysay activation at the We Day Illinois event. Nancy will help cover the event by working with a small production team to report on the stories and conversations happening at We Day. As part of her responsibilities, she will conduct a handful of short interviews with attendees and guests that will be edited into a film for the new #theysay Tumblr page

Check out the #theysay video below with Nancy and other teens from Proyecto Juventud:


April 28, 2015 | 4:48 PM