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Staff Spotlight: Vero

This month’s Staff Spotlight focuses on Vero, Mujeres’ Director of Accounting. As an employee of Mujeres for 12 years, Vero knows the organization inside and out, having worked in both programs and administration. Keep on reading to learn about her experiences at Mujeres!

Vero was getting her teaching degree when she began working part-time at Mujeres’ Peace Program. Working with children was a passion for Vero and she loved her job. After two years, she was approached by Irene, the accountant at the time, to take on a bookkeeping internship.  At first, Vero was hesitant, not knowing anything about bookkeeping, but Irene was persistent and eventually Vero took the job.  Vero loved the administrative tasks and realized that this was what she wanted to do with her life. When Mujeres moved to the 21st Place office, Vero was offered a full-time position. She decided to go back to school, encouraged by Irene, and received a Bachelor’s in Business with a concentration in Accounting in 2008.

As Director of Accounting, Vero manages the day-to-day activities of the organization. Her job as a bookkeeper managing payroll gave her a strong background and understanding of the organization. This knowledge has served her well in managing the grants and accounts receivable. She decided to continue learning and went back to school to get a Master of Business Administration through a community-based program. For Vero, taking classes while working was an invaluable way to share her experiences with classmates and bring back what she learned to Mujeres. She received her MBA in 2013.

One of the most challenging, but exciting moments in Vero’s career came with the 2008 recession. “The state’s finances began to get difficult around 2008 when I started in this position, but working during that difficult time made me stronger an as accountant.” When asked to pass on advice to those that might want to work at a nonprofit, Vero said, “You have to be creative in order to adapt to the environment. And, of course, always be conscious of looking for ways to save.”

March 27, 2015 | 12:06 PM