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Statement on The Governor’s FY7 Budget Address

Statement on The Governor’s FY7 Budget Address

This afternoon, Governor Bruce Rauner delivered his FY17 budget address to the Illinois General Assembly, despite the fact that we are currently eight months into FY16 with no State budget. We are encouraged to hear the Governor begin his speech by recognizing that this is unacceptable and must be corrected.  

It is unacceptable that every day that we go without a budget, vulnerable Illinoisans suffer – immigrants, sexual assault survivors, low-income children and families.  While the political battle continues, the safety net continues to erode, and women and children are left to make the hard decisions about how to survive while the services and supports they depend on continue to vanish.

While we applaud the Governor for his commitment to investing in early childhood and elementary education – we know that to truly invest in strong communities for the future we need a fully funded budget that supports all social services. The longer this stalemate goes on, the harder it will be to rebuild the services being lost and our communities will be weakened for years to come.  Education alone is not enough to ensure the success of future generations.

We call upon the Governor and the General Assembly to have the courage to engage each other to find creative revenue solutions and pass an equitable and fully funded budget now that supports the critical services our citizens need. By passing a fully funded budget to support comprehensive social services for immigrant families, women suffering from violence, families living in poverty, children and seniors in need of support, we will strengthen our communities and reinvigorate our economy by ensuring that every Illinoisan has the support they need to succeed. 

February 17, 2016 | 6:42 PM