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Domestic Violence

Mujeres’ Domestic Violence Program works to eliminate domestic violence and assists survivors to break the cycle of abuse in their families and in their lives. 

Sexual Assault

Mujeres provides support for adult survivors of sexual violence, both Spanish and English speaking, at many stages in their recovery. 

Empressarias del Futuro

Empresarias Del Futuro (EDF) is an educational training designed for women who want to initiate or expand a small business.

Family Engagment

The Family Engagement program mobilizes Mujeres participants and community members to become civically engaged around issues that impact them such as immigration, health, women’s rights, and gender violence. 

Parent Support Program

Parents in this program will enhance their parenting skills and improve communication with their children. 

Latina Leadership

The Latina Leadership Program facilitates women’s leadership development and community activism. The program helps women obtain tools to become leaders who can create positive change in the communities. 

Upcoming Events

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DECEMBER 15, 2018

Bazaar Navideno

Empresarias del Futuro te invita al Bazaar Navideño. Acompaña a las graduadas del programa mientras exhiben sus bienes y servicios únicos para la comunidad.

Entreprenuers of the Future invites you to the Holidar Bazar. Join us as graduates of the program exhibit their unique goods and services to the community.


Annual Appeal, ¡Seguimos Luchando!

Over this past year, I have come to see Mujeres as the embodiment of why we are resisting, as the reason why we are fighting. ¡Seguimos Luchando! is about the community that we want, the dignity that Latinas and their families deserve.

MARCH 7, 2019

VOCES UNIDAS: Raising Our Voices

Raising Our Voices Mujeres Latinas en Acción knows that violence against women is systematized to silence them. We have spent 2018 fighting to be heard. We are fighting for our voices. Mujeres knows that change can only happen when each voice in our community speaks up; when we share the wide-ranging Latina perspectives & experiences of survival and triumph. We invite you to speak up and join us in fighting for the bright future ahead.

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